'p7zip' PETs

We have been discussing a problem with extracting Mandriva/Mageia RPMs:

Woof is now requiring the 'p7zip' package to be installed, to be able to extract Mageia RPMs.

I have created a 'p7zip' PET and uploaded it to the 'Puppy-common' repo (953K, 67K):

Note that the Busybox 'rpm' applet does seem to work with Mageia RPMs, so petget/PPM may not need to use rpm2cpio. 'rpm' does have a '-i' (install) option, which I have yet to test. I can't use that in '2createpackages' as the script has to extract the RPM into a temporary directory, not '/'.
I have so far confirmed that "busybox rpm -qpl" does list the contents, I will test installation next.

Posted on 18 Jun 2011, 18:41


Posted on 19 Jun 2011, 7:54 by linuxcbon
I never understood why you need external packages, since yours are better.

Posted on 19 Jun 2011, 7:59 by ttuuxxx
p7zip 4.58 was 263kb pet http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?mode=attach&id=13809 almost 1/4 the size you posted for the latest. Does the older version work?
It was part of the xarchiver parts I uploaded to murga forum for puppy 4 http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=328720
p7zip was popular it was download 1170 times

Posted on 19 Jun 2011, 17:26 by BarryK
7zr only
I just looked at your 7Z PET, but it is only '7zr', which is the smallest version and does not handle Mandriva/Mageia RPMs.

Note, the full 7Z handles RAR files also.