Linux 2.6.39-3 kernel

I have previously announced compiling of this kernel:

There has been a lot of recompiling. Fortunately now it is automated (see script
Some notes:

1. PAE enabled
2. Minimum Pentium Pro (i686) CPU
3. ISA bus not supported
4. Voluntary preemption (not full preemption)
5. usb-storage patch

I have removed earlier PETs. The PET is now in the 'common' repo for use by all puppies (23MB):

The sources are uploaded here:

A note on point 4. The .config file had full preemptible kernel, which is supposed to give snappier responses. However, using this kernel, I sometimes noticed hesitations, more so than with previous puppies. All previous kernels I have compiled have been configured with voluntary preemption -- which as far as I know will give full attention to the window that is in focus and be less likely to allow other apps to take time away from that.

Another difference with this .config is that it has "cgroups" turned on, and that I think affects scheduling, I recall reading somewhere. I don't know if that is causing the problem that I have observed.

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 10:01


Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 14:51 by Sage
No. 3
No ISA bus is a big problem for folks using old boards. There are quite a few that retained the final ISA slot right up to Barton compatibility (Barton is as good as the present technology gets and Wary demands - extra cores are part marketing hype, part engineered demand from the world's most worthless OS). Those board/slot/card cominations enable superb analogue sound output from a certain, mainly genuine SB, sound cards. Their on-board amp is sufficient to (over?)fill an 8ohm pair of speakers into a moderate-sized room, say up to 3x4feet and perfect for most home-offices. Aficionados will attest that digital sound cannot match good analogue, neither theoretically nor aurally, apart from several A-D, D-A and back-again conversions.
What to do?

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 15:15 by BarryK
Re ISA sound
But is there anyone with such an ISA card and over 4GB RAM?

Except for a person with such hardware (unlikely?), there is no problem, they just use a Puppy with a different ISA-friendly kernel.

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 15:21 by Sage
Who needs 4Gb with Puppy?! Best ISA boards only have 3 RAM slots so would have to make do with 3Gb. Personally, 192Mb seems overkill with your recent innovations...

Might be useful for some specific guidance on which kernels with which versions, possibly how to deprecate to a suitable kernel and where to find it/them? Wasn't Wary originally targeted for 'older' kit. Of course, 'older' takes different connotations on different continents.

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 20:17 by pemasu kernel notes
Thank you of feedback. I have learnt much more about compiling kernels just by reading your feedback. I have also reconsidered about ISA.
Although I will in the future concentrate to the newer hw, I wont let ISA out. Old hardware support is Puppy trademark. I wont spoil that.
PAE kernels are expection. There just isnt any benefit to use PAE kernel with old hardware. PAE kernels are clearly directed somewhat new comps with RAM 4-8 Gb.
Yes, there is us/those who still want to use Puppy.

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 20:38 by Sage kernel notes
Grateful for those additional reassurances!

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 21:50 by p310don
Ok, I've downloaded the .pet above. How do I get the kernel to work?

I just installed as normal with PPM, but don't see any difference, same ram, hardinfo tells me is running still.....

Any help?

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 24:57 by GCMartin
WARY alpha
Hi @p310don
The newest WARY, in test, is aimed to provide the same WARY to run on ANY PC since PentiumPro which has from 256MB to 64GB of RAM. Essentially, the same WARY is to be used on all PCs no matter how little or how much RAM you put on your PCs.

I think Barry intends to have a single WARY to cover most of the world's computers.

On the ISA issue, I do not take issue with anyone here, but, when Barry suggest using an older WARY for ISA, and the newer WARY for NON-ISA, should his publishing that be a sufficient indicator?

I think that's seems consistent with how the industry has addressed things in the past.

Just a thought on a method so that all are aware of intended platform usage while respecting the intent of the distro developers.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 2:19 by pemasu
answer to p310don about kernel pet
How to use kernel pets. They are used during woof build. After you have downloaded needed packages and processed them it is time to build distro. First you select which kernel pet you use, then the script handles the installation and the result is brand new p310don puppy with the kernel you have downloaded.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 3:44 by 8-bit
ISA support
When you talk about ISA support, and using another version that supports it, I am throwing a case at you.
I have a desktop PC with both sata drives and ISA drives installed.
The ISA drive contains all my Puppy installs and the sata drive is still Windows only.
So in my case, are you saying that with the new kernel, my ISA drive would no longer be supported?
In other words, if I installed a Puppy version using the new kernel on the ISA drive, it would be useless to me.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 7:05 by pemasu
ISA card support answer to 8-bit
I think that doing says more than speaking.....

Polarpup introduces QT 4.8.0 libs included Puppy. Now Polarpup has also gstreamer libs inbuild. Polarpup-003 has also new 2.6.39-3 kernel.
Polarpup-003 has been made using 12.7.2011 woof so it has boot time usb detection fixed.

First multimedia-music apps using Gstreamer are Clement, Minitunes and Qmmp.
Kernel is 2.6.39-3. It is intel atom optimized and no highmem+pae so that it would be as compatible as possible for old and new hardware. Main target is somewhat newer hardware and laptops.
ISA cards and slots are also supported.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 13:52 by Sage
I should know, but I don't - or I forget! Are IDE ports on an ISA bus? If so, it is an 'internal' bus, rather than a card slot. What are the consequences?
I never saw laptops, netbooks and now tablets as anything but passing fads designed for continuity of the income streams. Intel and its principal cheerleader were never serious technical contenders, either, despite the $$$ and outward appearances of market control; they never did anything right.
Hopefully, ARMed mobiles will eventually displace them all (although Intel has an ARM license)? The one to watch would be BADA - but only if it is fully released into open source and that might not suit it's single advocate! Let's hope it isn't a one WAVE wonder and succumbs to Nokia-ism.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 16:29 by pemasu
IDE drives on ISA bus
I wondered that also but didnt bother to ask. I would like to have specs of that kind motherboard which use ISA for harddrives. ISA bus is so old that it sounds amazing.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 17:30 by pemasu
ATI propietary driver installation
ATI propietary which is latest fails to compile. It searches for big kernel lock and that has been removed totally from So we have to wait until updated ATI driver package is announced. I believe 3.0 has same disabled big kernel lock, so ATI should update the driver package soon.

fatal error: linux/smp_lock.h: No such file or directory.

Nvidia installer has also problems but I dont know yet, is it the problem of my kernel source, probably it is.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 19:35 by Sage
ISA bus
If memory serves, and often it doesn't these days, the ISA bus runs/ran at ~8Mhz? Not to worry, it's the HD seek&write that limits everything on all boards. The IDE vs SATA debate is a scam. A SATA drive cannot achieve the max. rate that ATA133 is capable of. The other figures one reads for SATA specs only relate to the electronics. The 15K rpm scsi drives and their newer incarnations are the only devices that can exceed ATA133 in practice. After that it's all s.s devices, but they have their own limitations as we regularly read!

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 19:38 by Sage
ISA bus & sound
For reasons that will be immediately evident to even those modestly atuned to hi-fi and sound issues, 8Mhz seems somewhat beyond my audible range...

Posted on 16 Jul 2011, 12:31 by Joan in Reno
8-bit and 16-bit ISA
I even had an 8-bit ISA PCMIA, laptop pccard reader, but I never tested it out. I have been weeding out my 16-bit ISA cards, too, just not as many around that need them.

Keep up all the fine work guys,
Joan in Reno

Posted on 16 Jul 2011, 20:18 by pemasu and ATI 11.6
Today I succeeded in hacking the ati installer and kernel source to compile ATI Catalyst 11.6

Posted on 16 Jul 2011, 20:18 by pemasu and ATI 11.6
Today I succeeded in hacking the ati installer and kernel source to compile ATI Catalyst 11.6

Posted on 18 Jul 2011, 2:57 by Andrew4355
nvidia problems in new puppies
The proprietary nvidia driver refuses to compile in many puppy distros i tried. It must be the kernel sources that are not configured correctly. Surely it should be easy to simply run the nvidia installer. This problem really needs to be addressed in modern puppies. There should be a devx & configured kernel source package included with the .iso download.

Posted on 18 Jul 2011, 3:18 by pemasu
Nvidia in recompiled kernel

There is at least 2 succesful nvidia proprietary installation with recompiled I also compiled latest ATI Catalyst but it needed hacking.

Posted on 18 Jul 2011, 13:01 by Sage
A propos above, and thinking of all those power-hungry old doorstops, project for today:
How to determine, 'g' the gravitation constant, with an old PC? Clue: not permitted to switch it on.
Answers on a postcard.