Need Mplayer PET for Edubook

Sometime ago I donated an Acer netbook to an NGO in India. I also gave them one of my Intel Classmates (I had two Acers and two Classmates).

I also have two Gecko Edubooks, one given to me for evaluation, the other I purchased, and I was going to donate one of those also, except that I never got it working right.

Well, the lady from the NGO will be in Perth soon, so I am setting up one of the Edubooks, running Wary 5.1.2. There are some issues that have emerged, that I need to look into, but anyway it is working, running it now, via wifi. Sound works too.

One problem is the illegal instruction crash with libvpx, ffmpeg and mplayer. I recall someone posted about PETs from another puplet that do work in the Edubook, but I have hunted through my blog and the forum, can't find that info.
Does anyone remember that? It was 'pskin' who was posting here about it and he/she mentioned about a successful compile, but someone also mentioned about PETs available for download.

I will be handing this Edubook over in a couple of days.

Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 17:27


Posted on 14 Jul 2011, 23:06 by tronkel
Mplayer pet
Don't know if this is relevant - may be worth a look at.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 4:34 by Dougal
OT: Solar Powered Netbook
This looks like it might be interesting:

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 4:47 by rodin.s
mplayer on i586
I took ffmpeg from Wary-0.3 to work on i586 in Wary-5.1.1.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 4:56 by Iguleder
Barry, here's a nice replacement for ePDFView.

Much, much lighter but offers the same functionality ... well, pretty much.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 8:06 by BarryK
Mplayer works Edubook
Thanks for the info about Wary 0.3. Yes, back then I configured ffmpeg for a 486 CPU.

I now have it working, I had to install all of these PETs:

These were all used in Wary 0.3.