Upup, Spup, Dpup, Drake, Wary...

I was away for a couple of days, back this morning and logged in to the forum, very surprised to see a pm from playdayz cancelling Lucid Puppy. See forum:

I am sure that playdayz has good reasons. As I understand from a quick look at the Lucid forum thread, Lucid has grown to be a bit more than just a bug-fix release of 5.2.5, so has got a bit out of hand?

Anyway, the current situation from my point of view, is that Wary 5.1.3RC is coming very soon, a couple of days, final soon after.

Then, I have great plans for Wary 5.2.

For Ubuntu-Puppy lovers, I am thinking of doing a build in latest Woof, using packages of the latest release of Ubuntu. This could be used as a base for anyone who wants to create the next Upup.

Drake Puppy (Mpup) is at version 0.3, seems quite sound. Still only a beta, and I have been tossing up whether I should press ahead myself to get it to release status.

01micko is working on Dpup I think. I haven't checked on the latest status.

Also, FatDog64 created by kirk is progressing, another release soon.

Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 9:37


Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 10:35 by ozsouth
Drake Pup
Very good beta - a few rough edges, as you said: I couldn't remaster, and rc.shutdown had 90 sec delay with 60 sec message (trivial). Very promising. In the interim, I'm using a Lucid 525 remaster.

Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 14:52 by Terryphi
Wary and/or Quirky?
Glad to hear your plans for Wary .... but what about Quirky? Do you intend to proceed to Quirky 1.5 or is Wary now the main focus of your development?

Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 16:55 by BarryK
Re Quirky
Currently I have no plans for Quirky. When I get the inspiration (and time) to try another quirky idea, then Quirky will be the platform for it.

Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 20:01 by 01micko
Barry said, "01micko is working on Dpup I think..."

I'll put that down to a typo Barry as "s" is next to "d" on a US keyboard!!! :)

Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 21:07 by BarryK
Ah, Spup
Ah yes, Spup, but I also have the thought stuck in my mind that you experimented with Dpup recently. I need to check the forum, I think that someone is currently working on Dpup.

Enough for tonight. Time for a cup of licorice tea (my latest experiment with herbal teas) and a good book.

Posted on 11 Aug 2011, 21:49 by makdy
Large monitor Dell 2711 - 2560x1440 pts.
In drake 0.3 - looks good.
In Wary - set 2560x1440, but looks like 1980x1440.
LucidPuppy - shutdown PC after loading .sfs file.
Need to enlarge icons.

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 4:26 by perthie
Here's a Quirky Idea
Rebuild Quirky with a newer kernel so it has better hardware support, particularly wifi.

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 4:45 by Iguleder1
Dpup Improvements
There are many innovations on the dpup front. I'm working on a base dpup, sort of an all-round base for puplets and minimalistic puppies. I'm trying to get Fluxbox and iDesk working well enough to replace JWM and the pinboard.

I'm also writing a menu generator - the latest version produces a menu in 20 milli-seconds and puts all the menu entries in one category, that's the only missing feature.

stu90 is working on a dpup with Openbox and tint2 and pemasu is working on (another!) Puppy with many out-of-the-box features and nice stuff.

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 8:03 by BarryK
Re Dpup developers
Ah yes, you have jogged my memory, now I recall that you were/are working on a Dpup. Stu90 and pemasu too.

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 8:05 by BarryK
You shouldn't be having to use "Iguleder1" if you prefer "Iguleder", as I reset all the passwords recently.

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 8:34 by BarryK
Jogging my memory a bit more, the Dpup route is quite active. ttuuxxx is also working on Dpup:


Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 8:52 by BarryK
Slacko, Squeeze
Here is a link to 01micko's Slacko Spup:

Here is Iguleder's Squeeze Dpup:

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 10:26 by 01micko
It's really good dev going on with all the woof branches IMHO. Now and then playdayz will pop into spup dev, as does Iguleder and pemasu, and now and then I'll grab a copy of the latest squeeze/lupu(come "Two-headed dog") and pop in there to offer anything I can. Fun stuff!

Posted on 12 Aug 2011, 14:55 by Iguleder1
And I like all this variety. Since day 1 of my renewed dpup effort stu90 and pemasu already worked on great puplets that are nowhere near alpha quality like my build.

I intend to get my Fluxbox+iDesk dpup ready as soon as possible, although it requires lots of work to get things working right when you don't use JWM and the pinboard.

I think I'll continue my 2.6.32-lts kernel series, I liked it a lot and people reported it works very well. I stopped updating it at, because some patches didn't work against that version. Maybe I'll just fix my build script ([url=iguleder.info/puppy/dpup/puppizard/linux.sh.xz]this[url] one) to make it work with 2.6.32.x and there we have a conservative Puppy branch :)

And Barry - nope, maybe I just posted a comment and had a typo in the password. :)

Posted on 15 Aug 2011, 6:31 by Dewbie
Licorice tea
A word of caution about licorice: