Woof: '1download' updated

I reported last night that Woof has a "magic" new script for finding packages to use in a build, 'findpkgs':

It is a lot of work, I start about 6am and work for most of the day, evening too. I finally got 'findpkgs' to work properly, then I turned my attention to '1download'.

1download had to be modified to use findpkgs. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I am running 1download to download the packages for Slacko. So far, so good.

Unfortunately I have not availed myself of ttuuxxxes offer, as need to run 1download myself to make sure that it works as expected.

Heaps of packages downloading, looking good!

I still have about three days of solid work left I think to update the rest of Woof.

Posted on 19 Aug 2011, 22:29


Posted on 20 Aug 2011, 9:46 by bigpup
Windows 8 Trying to Copy Puppy
I read an article talking about the features that are likely to be in Windows 8 when it comes out.
One item made me realize how much of a coding marvel Puppy Linux is.

Windows 8 will have a feature called "Portable Workspace".
It will allow a user to create a portable image of their system on any USB drive that has at least 16GB of available capacity. Yes 16GB. (16GB drives with 15.7GB of available space do not appear to work).
This will be a streamlined clone of your desktop, user settings, and essential apps, so you can plug your USB drive into any computer and have a familiar Windows experience.

Barry I hear them calling you for help!