gtkdialog 0.7.21 revision 224

Thunor is still working intensely on gtkdialog, and zigbert's latest Pschedule requires revision 224 from SVN (it fixes a bug).

I have compiled this and placed it in the 'common' repo (74KB, 42KB):

In Woof, this entry in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE will cause to go into the 'devx':

yes|gtkdialog||exe,dev,doc>dev,nls least it does after I have fixed it in Woof. The current uploaded and all earlier Woofs don't do the doc>dev redirection properly. Woof will be uploaded soon.

That 4th field is still a work-in-progress. It is supposed to define what components of a package end up in the Puppy build.

Posted on 21 Aug 2011, 22:30


Posted on 22 Aug 2011, 18:35 by disciple
perhaps it should be in puppy
One could argue that gtkdialog development should be encouraged by including the gtkdialog documentation in Puppy, to lower the bar, instead of relegating it to the devx.
Gtkdialog development doesn't require gcc or anything, and IIRC some gtkdialog developers claim to be very ignorant of such things!