Woof uploaded, August 23, 2011

Commit number '20110823183411'.

Now Woof is sane! I fixed a bug in '3builddistro', also in script 'findwoofinstalledpkgs'.
I did a run-through, built Wary, running it now.

The previous build of Woof was August 22, 2011:

There was a blog post recently on how to download a recent snapshot tarball of Woof and use that as the reference to download Woof changes since then, without the full history:

To download and use Woof, please read the Bones intro page:
And the Woof intro page:

Posted on 23 Aug 2011, 18:42


Posted on 23 Aug 2011, 20:03 by cthisbear
Red Dog

Enough work BK.

Go and Woof to the nearest cinema and see
RED Dog.


Pretty good I thought.
Saw it tonight in suburban Sydney.

Have a rest and relax moment for yourself.


Posted on 23 Aug 2011, 22:33 by aarf
"Red Dog's famous.. He's even on Wikipedia!"

Posted on 24 Aug 2011, 6:02 by BarryK
Red Dog
Red Dog, I have already seen it! What a great movie!

I was going to post about it on this blog. I did awhile back, before seeing it.

Red Dog is set in the North West of Australia, but where-ever you are in the world, you will love this movie. It is definitely not a "Hollywood blockbuster", low budget.

It is a true story, but I wonder if the scene at the end was "artistic license"?

Posted on 24 Aug 2011, 17:41 by 01micko
minor woof bugs
Hi Barry

line 56 in support/slack/base_wood_hack..
need to comment "exit 1", or else when the patch is rejected the script is over and other stuff cant be applied

line 88 there is a stray "else" that needs removing

I'd say that you forgot to back out the patch and as a consequence Wary won't have the video wizard or Thunar.desktop unless of course you realised beforehand.


Posted on 24 Aug 2011, 20:12 by 01micko
minor woof bugs 2
My fault!

line 71 support/slacko/base_woof_hack

< sed -i "s%$CLASET%$ZIGSET%" rootfs-complete/usr/local/petget/configure.sh

>sed -i "s%$CLASET%$ZIGSET%" rootfs-complete/usr/local/petget/configure.sh
>sed -i "s%$CLASET%$ZIGSET%" rootfs-complete/usr/local/petget/pkg_chooser.sh

That does it!

Sane Slacko experiment posted on forum, not a Beta, but a "demo" with 2.6.39, PAE and xz. Default woof values at the time actually, thought I'd post it as a "derivative"

Posted on 25 Aug 2011, 9:27 by BarryK
Slacko woof_hack fixed
Thanks, I have applied those fixes.