Commercial nVidia drivers

My three scripts that compile the 2.6.32.x kernel have fully automated the whole thing, as reported earlier in this blog. I have now added compiling of the commercial nVidia kernel modules.

Furthermore, the script also creates the PETs.

I have split the nVidia PETs into two, 'nvidia_base' and 'nvidia_kmodule'. The former has all the library , executable, data and doc files, the latter has a kernel module.

Uploading them now, for both the 'smp' and 'uni' 2.6.32-45 kernel.

Next thing I will do is update the Video Upgrade Wizard to download both packages.

Probably tomorrow I will upload another Wary build, and Woof -- which has some important fixes.

Posted on 27 Aug 2011, 18:38


Posted on 27 Aug 2011, 21:13 by BarryK
Video Upgrade Wizard
I have modified /usr/local/video_upgrade/video_upgrade_wizard and which_nvidia_pkg to support split nVidia packages 'nvidia_base' and 'nvidia_kmodule'.

I have run out of steam tonight. Will build Wary in the morning.

Posted on 28 Aug 2011, 3:32 by bigpup
What about ATI/AMD?
There are a lot of computers using ATI/AMD hardware.
They need support too.
Also, need to think about the new processors from Intel and AMD that have integrated GPU's in the processor.

Posted on 28 Aug 2011, 7:46 by BarryK
I can't automate the compiling of the commercial ATI kernel drivers, as when I have attempted to compile them they have insisted on an ATI video card being present.

the nVidia source code does not require an nVidia card to be present when compiling.

Right now, I don't have a system with ATI card.