Pburn, Pmirror, Pbackup, Pfind broken

These are all broken in the latest Wary 5.1.4. I'm annoyed about this. It is due to the upgrading of gtkdialog breaking scripts that use it. I reported about this to the gtkdialog development thread:

Zigbert has fixed Pburn (now 3.3.5), Pfilesearch (now 1.25), Pmirror (now 0.5) and Pbackup (now 3.1.9) and I have uploaded them to the 'common' repo.

But, I wonder what other scripts are out there that are now broken? My understanding was, from comments posted by thunor sometime ago, was that existing scripts would not be broken. if I had known that this was going to happen, I would have named it 'gtkdialog4'.

It is a bit too late to do that now, however, I am freezing the version of gtkdialog that is available in the 'common' repo. It is revision 224 from thunor's SVN site.

We will have to go through all the old PETs that we can find, any that are designed to use 'gtkdialog3', and thoroughly test them.

If you have Wary 5.1.4, you can install the fixed PETs:

I will be releasing an emergency bugfix version of Wary very soon.

EDIT Sept 1 2011:
A solution for the gtkdialog problem: http://bkhome.org/blog/?viewDetailed=02455

Posted on 10 Sep 2011, 9:10


Posted on 31 Aug 2011, 22:07 by Sage
Pburn, ... These are all broken
How odd???
Usually, I use Brasero or Xfburn, but yesterday both of those failed to delete a DVD-RW, so I used Pburn from 5.1.4. Only used it a couple of times before. Impressive - it did the biz, twice. Are rumours of Pburn's demise greatly exaggerated?

Posted on 31 Aug 2011, 22:54 by jrb2
Yesterday I tried ripping a dvd with pburn 3.3.4 (wary514) and the system crashed at the point of burning the new dvd. I then tried pdvdrsab and again the system crashed at the point of burning the new dvd. Had one of my windows friends rip it for me. Will try with pburn 3.3.5 later today.

Posted on 1 Sep 2011, 22:21 by rjbrewer
I haven't experienced any problems with pfind or
pburn on 5.13 uni or 514 smp using terminal or

Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 18:39 by abushcrafter
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mplayer dvd://<Track Number> -dumpstream -dumpfile ~/justriped.vob
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`-- video_ts
|-- video_ts.bup
|-- video_ts.ifo
|-- video_ts.vob
|-- vts_01_0.bup
|-- vts_01_0.ifo
|-- vts_01_0.vob
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The mount point I have used here, /mnt must exist for this to work.

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