GTKThemeMaker 1.4, JWMThemeMaker 1.5

These two are created by trio. I have updated JWMThemeMaker in the 'common' repo, and have add GTKThemeMaker.

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...ah, such lovely tiny size!

Posted on 2 Sep 2011, 8:43


Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 3:17 by Iguleder1
Automake template fix
Barry, I finally found the long standing dpup automake bug!

The problem is that config.guess and config.sub are placed in /usr/share/misc and a symlink to them is needed in /usr/share/automake.

These are broken symlinks to the files (from autotools-dev), so Woof removes them.

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 8:29 by BarryK
automake template
Ok, I have appended this in FIXUPHACK file in the automake template:

#110402: dpup: iguleder reported these are in /usr/share/misc, so need symlinks...

if [ ! -e usr/share/automake/config.guess ];then
[ -e usr/share/misc/config.guess ] && ln -s ../misc/config.guess usr/share/automake/config.guess
if [ ! -e usr/share/automake/config.sub ];then
[ -e usr/share/misc/config.sub ] && ln -s ../misc/config.sub usr/share/automake/config.sub

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 8:35 by BarryK
automake template
Um, I might have misunderstood your post. Did you mean that config.guess and config.sub are not in automake pkg at all?

In that case, I will move the above code into, the post-install script.

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 14:45 by Iguleder1
Yes, they're in autotools-dev. When you use this:


It gets messed up, so I just put the two in one package. This way the symlink isn't broken.

I think it's good to have that code in (or the template), because we'll face this problem in the future (in upup and dpup).

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 21:09 by BarryK
But isn't autotools really part of automake? Debian people like to pull packages apart and make lots of little ones.

You'll notice in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE I put many of them back together again.

Might be a good idea to leave it permanently as


...for both Debian and Ubuntu.

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 21:27 by BarryK
Ok, I have modified PKGS_SPECS_TABLE for Debian Squeeze:


Have done same for Ubuntu too.

Posted on 4 Sep 2011, 6:59 by pemasu
autotools fix
Thanks. I have been hitting my head to the brickwall with this problem all the time. Nice to hear the reason and also that solution will be in woof.
Thank you both.