Wary "5.2" progress

I have got my nose down, busy with the experiment. The proper way to eliminate any phantom dependencies on libxcb is to recompile everything from source, which is what I have done in T2.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote a big script to update all of the Wary PET packages from the packages compiled in T2.

I also took the opportunity of upgrading lots of packages, a report on that will follow.

I have to manually check every PET package, especially when the script has performed a version upgrade on it.

I had previously named all Wary packages in the format <name>-<version>-w5.pet, but the ones that have just been recompiled in T2, regardless of version upgrade or not, are now named <name>-<version>-w52.pet.

About one-third of the way through the manual checking of the PET packages, just having a bit of a diversion right now.

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 8:44


Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 10:14 by technosaurus
I wrote a script a while back that will wget the pet.specs from the repo, but it still has to get the whole package due to how tar packs them alphabetically.

If you add the files you may need access to first and then tar -u the dir, you can save yourself some bandwidth later

Posted on 3 Sep 2011, 24:17 by scottman
yes please do this
it would be nice to do as techno stated above.. :)

Posted on 4 Sep 2011, 7:17 by BarryK
But the idea was that the db entries for the PETs are kept online in a separate file. For example, alongside directory pet_packages-common at ibiblio.org, there is also Packages-puppy-common-official. So, all the db entries for a repo can be got in one swoop.

But, for when there is not such a file, building the PET as you say would be good.