Was away

I was away from home all day yesterday, so nothing happened in the Puppy department.

Home this morning, and back onto the experimental Wary "5.2" (I really should have a codename for this, not just "5.2"!)

I am running the T2 builds again, for both cases, compiling with Xorg 7.3 then again with Xorg 7.5. I fixed a few things the first time around.

Once I have the T2 build compiling nicely, I intend to make it into a big tarball and upload it, so others will be able to reproduce my work. Although based on the official T2 from SVN, my T2 is heavily customised.

Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 11:28


Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 15:11 by scsijon
Considering all the work your putting into this one with rebuilding and updating just about everything in T2, maybe Wary "Elephant" could/should be considered.

On the other hand, do you know yet what kernals you plan to use? And are your Kernal and Module building instructions on http://puppylinux.com/development/compilekernel.htm still valid?


Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 18:01 by BarryK
Kernel compile
Wary uses the 2.6.32.x kernel. There are fully automated build scripts:


There is also a build script for the 2.6.39.x kernel, but it is not as mature as the above:

Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 21:05 by Jota
"Home this morning, and back onto the experimental Wary "5.2" (I really should have a codename for this, not just "5.2"!)"



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Posted on 7 Sep 2011, 7:44 by BarryK
Heh, heh, given the highly experimental nature of all of this, and likelihood that some things may be broken that previously weren't, Plus the planned build with Xorg 7.5, I should first release it as Quirky.

Posted on 7 Sep 2011, 10:16 by perthie
Testing Wary under the Quirky name
On behalf of those community members who see Quirky 1.3 as a high point in Puppy development, I would like to express my unhappiness with that idea.

Posted on 7 Sep 2011, 13:18 by Terryphi
Wary or Quirky
I agree with Perthie. Quirky 1.3 was a highlight for those of us who like a bling free distro and I hoped it would continue with a series of stable releases. However, Barry now seems to see Wary as the main focus for a stable releases and Quirky for experiments. No problem as long as we all understand the rationale.

Posted on 7 Sep 2011, 16:22 by panzerpuppy
@BarryK: Please bring back the good old Quirky*!

* the true successor to v1.3 (minimalism to the max, cuting-edge SMP kernel, latest Xorg, KMS & drivers, optimised for newer hardware).

Posted on 7 Sep 2011, 19:52 by ICPUG
Re Quirky
Do you guys never retain anything Barry has said?

Quirky was defined as a testbed for trying out / developing Quirky ideas. If you like a particular Quirky that's fine but don't expect it to be considered as a formal Puppy that is gradually debugged. Quirky can change signifantly from one version to the next. The front page of the Puppylinux web site does not identify Quirky as a formal release - because it isn't.