SeaMonkey 2.3.2

I have just compiled SeaMonkey 2.3.2.

I don't know... the quality control seems to have slipped, they are bringing out new releases without proper testing.

I reported that the Composer component in SM 2.2 is broken:

Ok, so now the image doesn't duplicate when I click on it. But, the right-click menu still has "Image properties..." greyed-out. I can select "Format/Image Properties..." from the main menu, and that works ok.

I never reported this bug myself, as I thought there are so many users of SM, and this is such an obvious bug, it is sure to be fixed.

It is not a show-stopper bug, just very confusing for someone using Composer for the first time.

SM 2.3.2 installs into /usr/lib/seamonkey-2.3.1, another sign of a rush job.

Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 20:58


Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 21:22 by Jota
Not the best, not the worst!
Seamonkey is following the new release policy of Firefox: release often and fast.
This has pros and cons...
This last point release was just to fix the DigiNotar fake certificates, nothing else change.
(by the way, did you know that Opera was the only major browser not to be affected by this vulnerability?)

Right now, Seamonkey is a kind of a mess, but things should improve with 2.5, to be based on Gecko from Firefox 7, with many important improvements.. lets hope!

Posted on 6 Sep 2011, 22:25 by BarryK
SM 2.3.2 PET
If anyone wants to try it, the PET is here (16.1MB):

Posted on 7 Sep 2011, 15:42 by 01micko
2.3.3 is out today.. 2.4 beta1 is out.. I'll go for 2.4 bet 1 I think.. Slacko release is 3 to four weeks away so by then I expect 2.4 final will be out. See how I go.

Posted on 8 Sep 2011, 5:05 by would like to commercialize puppy linux like canonical's ubuntu
Sam W
would like to commercialize puppy linux like canonical's ubuntu

can we oem and rebrand it? would like to work with you in this development

Posted on 8 Sep 2011, 17:53 by Terryphi
Seamonkey 2.3.3
Seamonkey has moved to version 2.3.3 to incorporate security issues relating to certificates and other bug fixes.

I have tested it with Wary and it works OK for my needs. I do not use Composer and did not test it but presumably it is still broken as described by Barry above.

Posted on 8 Sep 2011, 18:19 by Terryphi
Flashplayer 11rc1
I also tested Adobe Flashplayer version 11 RC1. It worked OK on Wary at the sites I tested.