shutdownconfig, rc.shutdown i18n

I have tweaked things a bit. I separated out the translation files for these two, so that you would have '' and ''.

In Woof, there is no /usr/share/doc/nls. Instead, there is 'shutdownconfig.pupdev' and 'shutdownconfig.pot' alongside the script -- these get automatically placed in the 'devx'. Ditto for rc.shutdown.

Note, .pupdev files are anything, usually just text with explanation relevant to developers.

As there is some doubt about translating for 'dialog', I have set LANG=C in 'shutdownconfig' when X not running.

Regarding a schedule for next Wary and Racy, I have a fairly small shortlist, and I hope to upload tomorrow.

Posted on 28 Sep 2011, 10:18

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