NicoEdit retired

Terryphi has reported that NicoEdit crashes when choose File -> Open in Racy. I have confirmed that. I recompiled NicoEdit in Racy, still crashes.

NicoEdit is written in Vala, but is unmaintained. I did ask Nicolas, the author, about maintaining it awhile back, but he replied that he has moved on.

So, I have taken it out of Wary and Racy. Geany is all we need, and I think that I saw on the Forum that the guys have got syntax highlighting for BaCon working in Geany, so Geany now covers everything.

Note, I have compiled the latest libgee, 0.7.1, for Wary/Racy. However, I will leave it out of the build as I think only NicoEdit needed it.
Libgee is a library that adds extra data types to Vala.

This raises another question: what do we need gtksourceview for? NicoEdit used it. Notecase can be optionally compiled to use it I think. Hmmm, I think that I will take that out too.

Posted on 3 Oct 2011, 21:17


Posted on 3 Oct 2011, 21:48 by Terryphi
Simple text editor
Shame about NicoEdit. Geany is good for developers but is not what the average newcomer would expect of a simple text editor. I hope we can find an alternative.

Posted on 3 Oct 2011, 22:11 by Terryphi
Leafpad text editor
How about trying Leafpad? It is a simple GTK+ text editor. I think it has been used in some Puppy derivatives.

Posted on 3 Oct 2011, 23:58 by zigbert
Back in the puppy4-days, mhwaveedit was compiled with gtksourceview. I just checked my running Slacko, and it does not use it, but you maybe want to do a quick check in Wary.


Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 7:56 by ozsouth
I routinely use leafpad, as I cannot get Geany to see hidden folders (i.e. root .folders). Ditto Gedit, Mousepad & Beaver. Leafpad's main issue is that it won't do consecutive searches - the 'find' button greys out after a search is done. Nedit is another option, but is 2mb & has quirks too.

Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 8:22 by ozsouth
Gedit OK
Gedit should not be in post above - Lucid version works & is smaller than Geany - could be used as default.

Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 8:32 by technosaurus
Minimum Profit is already included in Puppy (in curses only configuration). Why not just enable the gtk2 frontend? It even has text highlighting without the gtksourceview dependencies and is quite extensible VIA mpsl.
The new interface has space-saving tabs in line with menus which is nice for tablets.

Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 8:06 by disciple
text editors
How about a gtkdialog text editor ;)

Personally I use leafpad for everything. FWIW I have three issues with it:
- (similar to ozsouth - we are probably using different versions) If I do a "replace all", it works OK. If I do another "replace all" it usually inserts the replacement text without deleting the text which is supposed to be replaced.
- It can't open files with a : in the path.
- Sometimes I paste into a new document text from a webpage which includes odd characters like "smart" quotes. It defaults to trying to save to iso-8859 or something, which fails because the odd characters don't exist in that character set. When I then try again to save (to utf) I need to navigate a second time to the place I wanted to save it.

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 7:51 by BarryK
Re mhwaveedit deps
What you are remembering is libsamplerate. That is an optional dependency of Mhwaveedit. It is very big, which is why it gets left out these days.

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 8:32 by technosaurus
Notecase was the other app that could use gtksourceview. It is compiled both ways in the common repo.

I compiled the latest mp with curses and gtk. Binary is the same size. Package is slightly bigger due to additional *.mpsl scripts. The only deps are ncursesw, gtk and libpcre-posix(already included) the great part is (besides minimum dependencies) is that it can be used in console scripts (a perfect complement to your pupdialog wrapper)

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 12:36 by Gyle
to get Geany to see hidden folders

"open folder" window
go to bottom left
Click on "more options"
tick "Show hidden files"

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 17:42 by zigbert
Re mhwaveedit deps
libsamplerate it is, thank you.

Posted on 19 Jul 2012, 12:49 by Thrawn
Geany ftw
@Terryphi: Geany isn't exactly what a non-programmer newcomer would expect from a simple text editor, no, but it would work fine for them, wouldn't it? Personally, I was thrilled to find that my favorite lightweight IDE was built in.

What about configuring it to hide the sidebar etc by default, so that it looks like a simple text editor?

It's better to have one text editor that suits both types of needs, rather than two apps, right?