Racy Puppy logos

I think that these logos were experimental designs by afgs for Wary Puppy. But afgs came up with another design for Wary, that I settled on.

These logos seem ok for Racy, as it looks like the pup is way ahead, looking back to see how far behind the competition is...

Posted on 3 Oct 2011, 21:29


Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 5:04 by Adi
Finally the same eyes!
I appreciate that the eyes are the same left and right!

Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 19:58 by dawg
For some reason, this one reminds me more of a (teddy) bear than a dog.

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 17:46 by Terryphi
Thanks for including Leafpad. Desktop file points to non-existent leafpad.xpm rather than leafpad.png so icon does not show in menu.