all-firmware now directories

The so-called "firmware tarballs" in /lib/modules/all-firmware are no longer tarballs. They are expanded directories.

I have done this as they contain binary executables. These need to be separated out, as Woof moves toward supporting multiple architectures.

A side benefit is that the .iso is likely to be smaller, as Squashfs can better compress the firmware directories when they are not already compressed.

This required a small modification to script rootfs-skeleton/sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe.

Posted on 6 Nov 2011, 8:25


Posted on 6 Nov 2011, 9:29 by technosaurus
Any plans for uncompressed console fonts, keymaps,...

On a related note, I experimented with flattening the modules (dumping them all into /lib/modules/$KERNELVERSION) At least on my system it works great ... it is much faster running depmod and the resulting modules.* files are much smaller. It also simplifies copying them from initrd ... it may be something for racy/quirky and would need modifications to the package installer.