GTK success!

The guys testing the latest Wary and Racy have reported that large drop-down lists are very slow and hog the CPU. This has been observed in the 'quicksetup', 'bootmanager' and 'remove_builtin' scripts.

I was going to recompile GTK anyway, due to the insert-key-crash bug in SeaMonkey/Firefox. This problem has been reported with recent Wary/Racy, after I upgraded to GTK 2.24.5 (compiled in T2). The bug is documented in an earlier blog post:

So, I compiled GTK 2.24.8, with this config;

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=i486-t2-linux-gnu --with-xinput=yes --enable-debug=minimum

Once again, a big jump in size for the PET, from 1621KB to 2588KB. Once before, I think that I isolated which library was the culprit, then recompiled all the others without debugging, and that worked. Will have to put that on the to-do list.

Anyway, a very pleasant surprise. Running this new GTK, the slowness and CPU-hogging of large drop-down lists has gone away. Now they are snappy. at least this is the case on my laptop.

If anyone would like to confirm this (2.5MB):

Posted on 13 Nov 2011, 17:10


Posted on 13 Nov 2011, 17:52 by K Godt
Short NOTE : Seems t worko
Installed the pet by clicking on it ;
Not rebooted yet ;
BUT bootmanager ADDLIST works now
AND quicksetup with <combobox> tag

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 Speed: 2800 MHz
1024 MB (Double-bank Connection) DDR-RAM

I think that should solve it .

Posted on 13 Nov 2011, 20:51 by K Godt
Reboot also OK
YEP ; seems to be ^ bug ^ in the gtk-2.24.5

Because there had never been some warnings in xerrs.log about <combobox> TAG deprecated i guess really a bug .

I have read the docs of gtk+2.0 source (version 2.16) and there had been some comments about features might not supported anymore ;
BUT it appears not to be the case for now .

Posted on 13 Nov 2011, 21:38 by 01micko
FYI: combobox
Just built Slacko from latest woof and <combobox> is sane :).. good for me :P

Posted on 13 Nov 2011, 21:45 by FeodorF
works fine
Very good job BarryK!

Menu select works fine now.

Posted on 14 Nov 2011, 8:41 by GCMartin
Tested and Works!

Posted on 14 Nov 2011, 14:01 by scsijon
gtk problem
Sorry, but with the new gtk pets installed there is a problem with the "check dependancies installed package.
If you have enough pets that there are two columns of pets shown, each column now has a check button instead of just one overall, also a button only scans through the the single column, and of course only the first column sctivated button is actually checked.

uninstalled new / reinstalled back to old one and the problem went away after reboot, so unfortunately must relate to the new gtk.

On the other hand, the new one does fix the slow scrolling problem.