Kernel for RaspberryPi

I am gradually getting things together for building a Puppy that will run on the upcoming RaspberryPi. Toward that end, I have compiled a kernel. It is version, with a special patch for the RaspberryPi. It also has the usual Puppy-patches, and Unionfs patch.

I have create a PET and uploaded it here (5.3MB):

I have uploaded the source and patches here:
Us#er#na#me: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd: li#nu#x

...that link contains 'bk.txt' that explains where I got the patches from, and how the kernel was cross-compiled.

I think that the kernel .config file needs more work. It is provided by the patch from, and I modified it slightly. However, there are a lot more drivers that could probably be enabled, to cater for things being attached to the RaspberryPi board.

I am still debating with myself whether the RP board will be anything more than a toy. For most of us that is. Definitely it can be used in a wide range of embedded applications. For more general use, we may find ourselves adding on so much external stuff (with difficulty due to very limited I/O features) that it might have been better to go for a more feature-rich board to start with.
But, it is going to be a lot of fun working within the constraints and see what we can achieve.

I am personally quite happy with the HDMI output. My aging CRT TV is going to be retired and I will buy a small LED-LCD TV with HDMI input. They are getting cheaper, $150 - $200.

Posted on 24 Nov 2011, 22:52


Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 4:08 by Dougal
Raspberry Toy
Well... its intended use is for classrooms. The idea is to have a very cheap computer that schools could buy and enable students to learn how computers work and how to program.

For people wanting a small ARM-based computer to actually use, it's probably best to get something like the BeagleBoard/PandaBoard or just one of the "plug" computers (SheevaPlug, GuruPlug etc.).

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 6:43 by technosaurus
"black friday"
HD lcd TVs are ~$79 on the day after Thanksgiving (US holiday) sounds like the lcd price fixing continues down under. We can get a 7 in. Android tablet @ 1ghz 2gb 256mb RAM for the same price (sylvania and Polaroid versions) ... Just need to find out how to root them.

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 11:50 by disciple
do you need to build your own kernel with woof?
I'm wondering:
Is it always (or almost always) necessary to build your own kernel when using woof? Or is a stock kernel from something like Debian likely to work?

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 14:47 by Sage
I will buy a small LED-LCD TV with HDMI input.
AOC 19" ! Many of the 'big brands' are just AOC re-badged. Probably going to have to buy on-line, but guess that's normal in Perenjori...

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 14:49 by Tony
Raspberries nice
Hi Barry, I think it is great that puppy will be available on the RP, thank you. I wrote to them quite a while back suggesting Puppy was the best choice. I like it's open nature, price and how they listen to people.

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 14:53 by Sage
RP board will be anything more than a toy. For most of us that is.
Not necessarily? Apart from one nation, most folks fiddling with OS es also enjoy fiddling to some extent with the HW including peripherals. Indeed, this would be a great opportunity to stop our country cousins flashing their wallets down at the local milch cow store and learn something more illuminating about how things function. At this level it ain't rocket science. Not as if we're being ask to design the silicon.

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 15:27 by Sage
Has anyone asked? Has BK told?
Have you been/are you in direct communication with Ethan?

Posted on 25 Nov 2011, 15:33 by Ted Dog
Pi Box DVD

Its 'stand' looks about the dimensions of the rasberry pi, a nice wooden box from the craft store to finish the look. Just make sure it can multisession.

Posted on 26 Nov 2011, 8:05 by Charles Xaviers
Sage the fool
Sage, please, change your adult diaper and shut up. You are a damn repetitive fool.

Posted on 26 Nov 2011, 8:27 by FeodorF
Please folks, please.....

Let us keep concentrated on Puppy Linux.

Best Wishes to all of you


Posted on 28 Nov 2011, 13:39 by mavrothal
Fedora on RP
This might be of interest to you in relation to RaspberryPi development (developer says it works) (rootfs build) (general info-resources)