Menu icon when install a package

When a package is installed, and it has a menu entry, in some cases the icon is absent. Fixed.

This came to my attention yesterday when I installed the Parole media player .deb (Debian Squeeze) package, and an entry appeared in the Multimedia menu category without an icon.

This problem appears in two situations, when building a Puppy in Woof, and when installing a package in a running Puppy.

In the former case, I have fixed script '2createpackages'.

In the latter case, I have fixed script /usr/local/petget/

You can see the changes in the online Woof timeline, commit '6fbecf9dca' (2011-12-07):

Posted on 7 Dec 2011, 19:02


Posted on 8 Dec 2011, 4:11 by Dougal
OT: Media Player
Barry, this SMplayer fork seems interesting:

Sources are here (need to enable javascript):

Posted on 9 Dec 2011, 13:07 by session
improper /tmp permissions
Barry, recent builds of Wary don't have the sticky bit set on for the /tmp directory,
leading to copying problems for some programs like the universal installer.