GTK "gseal" fix

Wary and Racy 5.2.2 users have reported applications failing to compile, with "gseal" error messages.

I had gone through a rather tiring process of getting GTK to work properly prior to releasing 5.2.2, and didn't feel like getting into that again. Here are some of the pre-5.2.2 deliberations:

Well, the "gseal" problem needed to be fixed. I have rolled back to GTK 2.24.5, compiled with this:

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=i486-t2-linux-gnu --with-xinput=yes --enable-debug=minimum --enable-introspection=no

After installing it, I tested 'quicksetup' and the dropdown lists are fast (that was a big problem before). I compiled gtktetris, that ttuuxxx had reported gave the "gseal" errors -- now it compiles.

Here are the PETs (2.3MB, 266KB):

The next releases of Wary and Racy will be built with these.

Posted on 9 Dec 2011, 9:47


Posted on 10 Dec 2011, 4:49 by broomdodger
compiling vim GTK2 GUI ok
compiling vim GTK2 GUI ok

+ applied both pets
+ restart
+ Included patches: 1-364
+ compile
! yea! back to:
! Normal version with GTK2 GUI.