Woof: synclient, shutdown fixes

Jemimah and Karl Godt have posted some little fixes, put into Woof, see commit 2012-01-29:


Posted on 29 Jan 2012, 9:21


Posted on 29 Jan 2012, 12:53 by timremy
had to ask , is quirky still active?

Posted on 29 Jan 2012, 20:47 by BarryK
Re Quirky
Not really. I haven't had time to think of anything "quirky" to do. If I do think of some quirky new idea to try out, I will probably use Racy as the basis, in other words Quirky will just be Racy with some quirky idea applied to it.

But, have no idea if or when that will happen.

Posted on 29 Jan 2012, 21:45 by BarryK
Zombie processes fixes
Karl Godt advised on other scripts that need the fix for finding zombie processes:

I have committed this to Woof also, same date 2012-01-29.

Posted on 3 Feb 2012, 22:31 by pemasu
Cifs and smb shares can cause hanging at shutdown
Jrb`s PupServer-435 has space in share name.
/mnt/network/PUPSERVER/usr=root passwd=woofwoof

It has been reported that rc.shutdown script does not know how to unmount it and it causes hanging at shutdown about 5 minutes.
umount -a -t cifs unmounts that cifs share.

I dont know if the syntax is absolutely right for busybox umount but at least it works.

Posted on 4 Feb 2012, 5:46 by K Godt
cut mountdir seding spaces in mount output
mount|cut -f 3-99 -d ' ' |sed 's#type.*##' 

Posted on 4 Feb 2012, 6:10 by K Godt
spaces in files support
fun to chew on this :
mkdir /mnt/"sda6 1"

mount-FULL /dev/sda6 /mnt/"sda6 1"
STRAYPARTL="`echo "$MNTDPARTS" |grep -v -E "/dev/pts|/proc|/sys|tmpfs|rootfs|/dev/root|usbfs|unionfs|/initrd| on / "`"
STRAYPARTL=`echo $STRAYPARTL |rev |sed 's# )#\n)#g'|rev`
STRAYPARTMP="`echo "$STRAYPARTL" | cut -f 3-99 -d " " |sed 's# type.*##' | tr ' ' '' | tr "\n" " "`"
for ONESTRAY in $STRAYPARTMP ##in MountPoints
echo "$ONESTRAY"

i used the middle spot a hidden AltGr . to replace spaces first then deleting the middle dot again .
$ONESTRAY has to be double quoted like
umount "$ONESTRAY"
to work .

Posted on 4 Feb 2012, 7:21 by K Godt
/bin/umount ...

/bin/umount script would need something like

busybox umount -d "$FULLCMD" #v423 -d fix to free loop device.

too ..

may have to look at this if it would affect long options like mount -o move -t xt5fs /dev/sda6 /mnt/"sda6 2"

Posted on 4 Feb 2012, 7:34 by K Godt
/bin/mount script
works with

mount -o move -t ext3 /dev/sda6 /mnt/"sda6 2"


mount-FULL -n "${@}"