Translation of early-boot splash screens

When you boot Puppy from CD, and in some cases from USB or HD, a splash screen appears, to give an opportunity to enter kernel boot parameters. There are also two help screens, available by pressing <F2> or <F3>.

Side note: we probably should look into having this splash screen with frugal HD install and GRUB boot, it is useful.

Working towards being able to build a custom Puppy that boots first time in a non-English language, and is fully translated, I have added translation of the initial splash screen (file boot.msg) and the first help screen (file help.msg).

It is still a one-stop-shop for all translations, and this also is managed in MoManager. When someone creates a 'langpack' PET it may also now have the splash screen translations. If a pup is built in Woof with the langpack, 3builddistro will perform the translations.

To see how this was accomplished, look at the files in the latest Woof commit:

Posted on 17 Feb 2012, 15:07


Posted on 17 Feb 2012, 15:15 by BarryK
3builddistro oops
If you look at that commit, I just noticed lines 2369 and 2370 in 3builddistro have back-ticks. Wrong, have now removed them.

Posted on 17 Feb 2012, 22:57 by Aitch
Grub gui
Catdude created a grub gui ages ago...2008

I believe it works for frugal installs, but can't be certain, as I'm not using it any more

I don't know if F2 and F3 have different options as I never used them....though I was aware of some key combination, it isn't widely publicised

Aitch :)