Latest Woof commits uploaded

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[d86fd715a0] Leaf: typo in rc.update. just about to build racy
[ef37a66ebc] 01micko: /usr/sbin/bcrypt_gui converted to gtkdialog4 (0.8.0+)
[c6d2373191] 01micko: sound tweaks, /usr/sbin/alsawizard, /etc/init.d/10alsa
[0aaf69b981] 01micko: bugfix for xorgwizard, call new script nouveau_unload
[ba9e4830d4] MoManager bugfixes, fixed PuppyPin going back to en when layered f.s. changes
[51cd381c2f] MoManager now manages all of woof doc files, in sss doc_strings

Online, 2012-02-25 and 2012-02-26:

Posted on 26 Feb 2012, 14:32


Posted on 26 Feb 2012, 15:41 by 01micko

nouveau_unload is i18n'd with t12s. It is essential if there become readily available nvidia pets.

Also I uploaded a recent samba wary/racy pet, may interest some. It's largish, as samba always is, see racy thread.

Posted on 27 Feb 2012, 6:52 by 8-bit
What do you think of lguleder"s roaring build package?
I have tired it myself and where others seem to be able to make a working ISO, I end up with about a 10 meg ISO where others have success with a 179 meg ISO file.
But then I have never built any ISOs using woof either.
In my case, an SFS file never gets built and included in the ISO although the root filesystem directory is populated.
I am beginning to assume I must be a complete idiot when it comes to building an ISO!

Posted on 27 Feb 2012, 7:17 by BarryK
Re roaring
I haven't got around to looking at it yet, it is on my to-do list.