glew, llvm, clang, libxml++, xulrunner

I have compiled these in Wary and created PETs:

glew-1.7.0 OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
llvm-2.8 Low Level Virtual Machine
clang-2.8 C/C++ compiler
libxml++-2.35.1 C++ interface to XML files
xulrunner-10.0.2 Embed Mozilla technologies into apps

The PETs:

Wary has all the dependencies, except libxml++ needs glibmm.

Now that might seem like a strange combination of PETs to create! I was compiling the dependencies for Lightspark, an open source Flash player. Then I found that Lightspark needs gcc 4.4+, whereas Wary has 4.3.4 -- so I compiled 4.4.6. However, Lightspark still needs Boost -- I installed libboost DEBs from Debian Lenny, but Lightspark compile failed, doesn't seem to like that version of Boost.

Posted on 28 Feb 2012, 8:28


Posted on 28 Feb 2012, 9:14 by Barryk
I installed Boost from Slackware:

Lightspark compile got a lot further, but still failed, out-of-scope symbol.
Out of curiousity, I did a quick hack, removed the symbol from the source, which will probably break something when it runs. Stopped with another error later. Enough.

Posted on 29 Feb 2012, 21:30 by ttuuxxx
Most the time when I run into boost as a dep, Usually it just needs the static headers.
hope this helps