Precise Puppy boots, no X

I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking of upgrading Woof to build from Ubuntu Precise Pangolin debs. I am mostly interested in an ARM build, but it follows that an x86 build gets a "free ride" (part of the way).

I posted about the problem of Multiarch:

The problem is now solved in Woof, in the scripts '2createpackages' and '3builddistro'.

I have built Precise Puppy, did a frugal install and it boots, but only to the commandline as X fails. I think that the problem is the missing 'kbd' Xorg driver -- Puppy is setup to use it, however I think that these days we are not supposed to be using the 'mouse' and 'kbd' drivers. I know there was some discussion about this on the Forum awhile back, and some puplets have "moved on".

Anyway, that might be all that is preventing X from running. Maybe, maybe not.

I am not inclined to take on bringing an x86 (or x86_64) Precise Puppy to release status, it is just too much work, and I am going to get overloaded.

I wanted to update Woof to build a Precise Puppy, and I will probably do a bit more work on it, then will probably move on. Here is the Woof commit:

For those who don't know, Ubuntu Precise Pangolin LTS is due to be release April 26, with 5 years Long Term Support.

Posted on 16 Mar 2012, 19:18


Posted on 17 Mar 2012, 8:42 by scsijon
when you have time and inclination, have a look at pardus (, something similar to what iguleder (Dima) was working on with packages from source and built as part of the build process. Not arch at the moment, but it is in their ideas/plans list.

Posted on 17 Mar 2012, 9:13 by BarryK
Getting Woof
I should post this link, for anyone new to Woof2 and who is interested in building Precise Puppy. You need to install Woof:

Recent puppies have Fossil, in the devx SFS. if not, get this PET. I recommend install version 1.20, as 01micko reported a problem with a later version:

Posted on 20 Mar 2012, 9:13 by BarryK
Precise Puppy devx
Just a quick progress report. I am doing some work on Precise Puppy.

I found that 'devx' was somewhat broken, well underway to fixing it. Just about there.

Then I intend to take another look at why X won't start.

Posted on 21 Mar 2012, 7:49 by BarryK
Precise has X
I now have X running. JWM running, but GTK apps broken. Will keep at it.