Fix language change in initrd

Wary/Racy RC1 testers reported a problem with setting the locale. The user selected a locale in QuickSetup, but forgot to tick the UTF-8 checkbox. The user opted to change the language in the initrd, which means that early boot messages are in the user's language.

However, it also means that the LANG variable, for example "de_DE" carries over from the initrd to the main filesystem.

When the user later reran QuickSetup and ticked the UTF-8 checkbox, upon reboot it was gone, no UTF-8.

The LANG variable has to be updated in the initrd, in this example to "de_DE.UTF-8". I have fixed the scripts 'quicksetup' and 'lang2initrd' to do this.

Woof commit:

Posted on 32 Mar 2012, 8:40


Posted on 1 Apr 2012, 17:21 by pemasu
locale setting sticking
With racy built woof...commit [8974b31b2c] I got locale change sticking with PLANG removed from initrd.gz. When I had typed en_US.UTF-8 with builddistro it did change to that locale after reboot. Removing PLANG file enabled me to build recent dpup exprimo. So I repackaged initrd.gz without PLANG as fix.
After removing it from initrd.gz....fi_FI.UTF-8 did stick after reboot.
I used stock woof firstrun - quicksetup stuff and scripts.
Will above fix help this situation, or is it still better to remove PLANG still...

Posted on 1 Apr 2012, 17:24 by pemasu
locale setting sticking....
I meant that while woofing 3builddistro asks the default locale and I typed en_US.UTF-8 and that was probably my mistake. Should that choice be left blank so that locale change would be possible ?

Posted on 1 Apr 2012, 17:49 by BarryK
Re locale sticking
I haven't actually tested doing a build with choosing anything other than the default en_US.

Also, I had only conceived of that mechanism in 3builddistro being used to choose a non-English locale.

Ok, I think that I have fixed 3builddistro, will upload soon. It should be ok to specify "en_US.UTF-8" now.