Woof: Mageia build fixed

The Mageia "Drake Puppy" build for the upcoming Mageia version 2, was broken. Forum member scsijon requested that this be fixed sometime ago, I have only now got around to it.

The version 2 repositories do not yet exist, have to build from the 'cauldron' repos. No problem, Woof can be updated after Mageia 2 is released.

The problem was that the support/mageia2ppm script did not work properly. Now fixed, and works nicely for 'core', 'nonfree' and 'tainted' repositories.

I have only tested it as far as running the '0setup' script, and I updated the package list.

Woof commits:
Latest: http://bkhome.org/fossil/woof2.cgi/info/163a8b8e64

Posted on 15 May 2012, 12:31


Posted on 17 May 2012, 17:07 by scsijon
thanks for all that.

Just a note of complication that the cauldron directory needs to stay in the directory system even after mageia2 is out and in it's http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/mageia/distrib/2/ directories, as it will again be used immediately for the alpha/beta versions for mageia3 which is 'already in documentary process' and it's alpha1 is due out 9 months after the 'final release of mageia2' is out. And to complicate things, it will be running in parallel with the mageia2 bugfix/updates stream.
I shall use mageia2 for my qtpuppy, however there are a few 'catchas' I need to sort out as Mageia has continued to use (for mageia2) the qt3 directory structure for qt4, where as I shall be using the correct qt4 structure. I'm hoping this will not cause too much work as it is to be fixed as part of mageia3 with a number of others.

Posted on 27 May 2012, 14:18 by scsijon
Mageia2 Released
Please note that Mageia 2 has been released.
It uses Kernel 3.3.6, and the matching kernel-headers, both of which can be found on my servers.
What was in Mageia's cauldron directories has been moved to 2 and a clean cauldron created throughout for the initial development of Mageia 3. Only the home servers will contain Mageia 3 Cauldron packages (pre-alpha) at this time.
Woof users will need to ammend their path configurations from 'cauldron' to '2' until barry ammends woof again!
Warning! I have found quite a number of changes are needed for mageia 2 to be built from and are going through it all and compiling a list at this stage.
Other notes are/will appear in the forum under a similarly titled topic.