Psync 2.8: get time/date from Internet

The Raspberry Pi does not have an internal hardware clock, so the date and time have to be set manually or via synchronisation from an NTP server on the Internet.

Forum member tasmod created Psync, that uses the 'ntpdate' utility (part of the 'ntp' package) to set time and date from the Internet:

I already had Psync version 2.7 in the 'noarch' repo at ibiblio, however that was a mistake, as the package has the 'ntpdate' binary executable. I have now extracted the binary executable.

Latest Psync (6KB):

'ntpdate' for x86 and arm (36KB, 40KB):

Now, on the RP, how do we set that up so that the date/time gets automatically set at bootup?
I haven't actually tried Psync yet, does it install something to do that?

Posted on 21 Jun 2012, 10:35


Posted on 21 Jun 2012, 18:56 by 01micko
IIRC Rob (tasmod) does have a startup script in there that does sync optionally on each startup. So if that can be set as default, once timezone is set and X restarts it should be good to go.

Posted on 23 Jun 2012, 6:31 by tasmod
Psync operation
Mick's right. Selecting 'sync on startup' put a small scrip in the Start folder.
There was a bit more to it though. In order to set the time for your location, when Psync was first run from the region button, a small file was saved with your location. This then gave ntpdate the region 'pool' of servers to check and average.
After that it was all automatic from the rest of Psync script.
As I've not dabbled with the 'pi' I couldn't tell you how it would be implemented, but as long as there is something auto run it could be added.
I'm a bit old fashioned as I'm still playing with Pics whilst everyone went Arduino and now Pi.
Rob (tasmod)