Sys-Info, xdriinfo

TaZoc has updated Sys-Info. I separated out the xdriinfo binary executable, as sys-info PET is in the 'noarch' repo.

sys-info (41KB):

xdriinfo (4KB, 3KB):

Posted on 25 Jul 2012, 10:57


Posted on 25 Jul 2012, 18:56 by BarryK
Re Sys-Info
For more information about TaZoc and Sys-Info, see here:

TaZoc is the creator of Sys-Info, also known as Lighthouse-Sys-Info, that has been in most puppies for awhile now. Great reporting tools, especially if you want to send a hardware summary when reporting a problem on your computer.

Posted on 25 Jul 2012, 19:00 by BarryK
Re Sys-Info
Oh, a note to TaZoc, while I think of it. I modified the '' script slightly. Firstly, 'xdriinfo' is no longer in the PET, secondly, the welcome Xdialog msg is disabled when the PET is used in Woff when building a puppy.

Anpther note, this time to kirk of FatDog64. I also took out the x86-64 'xdriinfo' executable, but did not create a separate PET for it.