Woof: rerwin: fixes '3a'

I have applied some fixes from 'rerwin_woof_fixes-delta-3a.pet', see Forum:

Not fully though, as I didn't understand some things. My notes:


#120603 rerwin: Retain deletions in first pupsave file by copying whiteout files.
...have not applied this. it seems only applies to the top-level directories, why would they be deleted?

#120823 rerwin: $FIRMPKG always written.
#120823 rerwin: --use-blacklist to apply the blacklist commands in the configuration files (if any) to module names as well.
#120608 rerwin: for rule-loaded modules either blacklisted or supported by modaliases, load no module
...have not applied this, don't understand why MODULES has to be cleared.

#120823 rerwin: add frisbee.
#120823 rerwin: get correct pid in wait loop.

#120823 rerwin: skip quicksetup if /etc/personal_settings_popup_disabled file created by remasterpup2 (modified by rerwin).
#120823 rerwin: use distro-specific delayedrun if available.

Woof commit:

Posted on 23 Aug 2012, 10:37

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