PPM: repo radiobuttons fixed

This is an ancient bug! Users have reported that after selecting repositories in the Configuration window, then (after restarting ppm and) back in the main window, the repo radiobuttons were incorrect.

I had some very messy code in script /usr/local/petget/pkg_chooser.sh, now cleaned up, and that bug fixed.

Woof commit:

Posted on 31 Aug 2012, 18:51


Posted on 32 Aug 2012, 8:21 by AnnonymousCoward
uget failing in latest woof2
I'm not sure where I should post this, but uget failed to download in a woof build today. Even when I downloaded the .pet manually, and added it to packages-pet, when I ran ./2createpackages and specified uget I got the following error:

Preprocessing ubuntu precise pkgs database...

Checking syntax of PKGS_SPECS_TABLE...

Press ENTER only to build all pkgs,
or type generic name of one pkg: uget

Exiting from support/findpkgs, already created up-to-date pkg list:

Processing uget
processing uget-

gzip: stdin: decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

Script finished.

Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 10:47 by 01micko
missed it
Hi Barry

I just built a Slacko beta from woof yesterday.

I opted for the "classic" PPM and when it starts I see Slackware, Puppy-noarch and Salix but Slacko is absent. Does this fix address that?

I would have missed it in my woof download.


Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 15:09 by BarryK
Re: uget
I downloaded the uget PET and tested it, it is ok.

I don't know why you are getting that problem. Something must be mis-configured.

My first thought was that you have created the entry in variable PKGS_SPECS_TABLE incorrectly.

You need to read the instructions in the file that has PKGS_SPECS_TABLE, especially "Empty field, then use PET pkg" in regard to the third field.

This should be enough:

Or, to force get it from a particular repo:

However, you can put "uget" into the third field if you tell it that it is a PET and not a package from the compatible distro:

However, I don't see how that is the problem. It would seem that something else has been mis-configured to make Woof treat a PET as a package from a compatible repo?

Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 15:13 by BarryK
Re Slacko repos
let me know what five repos you want to appear at first start of PPM in Slacko, I will check that it works right. List them in order that you would like them to appear in the gui window, left-to-right.

Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 17:15 by 01micko
re slacko
Slacko, Slackware, Salix, Noarch.

Leave a spot reserved for Slacky when they catch up, usually a month or so after Slackware final.


Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 17:38 by BarryK
PPM: Exec line fixed
'feelsub' reported the problem with PPM when Installed gimp, the .desktop file has a line:

Exec=gimp-2.8 %U

Puppy does not like those % params!

I have modified /usr/local/petget/installpkg.sh, inserted at line 378:

 #120901 get rid of param on end of Exec, ex: Exec=gimp-2.8 %U

sed -i -e 's/\(^Exec=[^%]*\).*/\1/' -e 's/ *$//' $ONEDOT #'s/\(^Exec=[^ ]*\).*/\1/'

This will be in the next Woof commit.

Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 17:46 by Iguleder1
Cached Search
Barry, have you thought of caching Woof's package search results? This could be shared with PPM, to provide a much smoother experience to end users.

Today I implemented such a thing and I think it's awesome. This cache makes my 1download implementation run 11% faster (measured with /usr/bin/time).

Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 21:03 by BarryK
Re PPM caching
Yes, I do need to look at a few ways of speeding up the PPM.

Just a note to everyone about the PPM. In Precise Puppy I installed VLC 2.0.3 from PPM, but it did not initially detect all needed dependencies.

I need to fix this, will probably do it tomorrow. Or the next... on holiday in Melbourne right now, lots happening.

I am thinking of beta5 in 2 - 3 days, followed hopefully by RC.

Posted on 1 Sep 2012, 21:08 by BarryK
Re cached search
Perhaps that is what Woof is already doing, as file status/findpkgs_FINAL_PKGS-ubuntu-precise (in the case of Precise Puppy).