3.2.29 kernel for x86 Precise

I had hoped to stay with the 3.2.28 kernel as used in Precise Puppy beta6, up until final release and beyond.

However, the filesystem-check at startup for a full-hd installation, fails. The reason is that the ramdisk size is 16MB, which is no longer big enough -- a small Linux is created on this on-the-fly at startup, and the main hd f.s. is unmounted and a f.s. check performed.

I have now set the ramdisk size at 32MB.

3.2.29 PET (23.4MB):

3.2.29 sources:

Posted on 14 Sep 2012, 24:27


Posted on 15 Sep 2012, 7:23 by K Godt

Simple answer to the problems in the murga-thread .