Updated PETs from zigbert and mcewanw

From zigbert:

Pburn 3.7.5
Pclock 0.7.1
Pmirror 0.6.1
Pmusic 2.6.6

From mcewanw:

Pfetch 0.9.2
Precord 7.0.2

I have uploaded these as-is to the 'noarch' repo, except for Precord I added some deps to the pet.specs file:


...although not *really* needed, as those are likely to be in all pup builds. We might sometimes do a build without ffmpeg though.

Pfetch Forum thread:

Precord Forum thread:

...notice, Precord already later version available. It is currently under rapid development.

Posted on 21 Sep 2012, 8:30


Posted on 21 Sep 2012, 15:58 by L18L
translators note please
Recent pets of Zigbert and Mcewanw can be translated using momanager