Woof for Precise 5.4

This is the version of Woof used to build Precise Puppy 5.4:

Posted on 23 Oct 2012, 17:39


Posted on 24 Oct 2012, 14:20 by Sage
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Posted on 25 Oct 2012, 2:55 by mavrothal
Falure to find puppy files in SDcard partition
Looks like there is a bug in the initrd/init (I do not know how old) that fails to find the puppy files when they are "saved in a(n SDcard) partition" instead of a savefile
More info in this forum post

Posted on 25 Oct 2012, 24:38 by mavrothal
update on "failure to find..."
I have amended the above forum post.
Precise fails to find the save data when you save to the entire partition both on an SDcard and in removable USB (didn't try a HD...).
So looks like a problem with the file detection and not the device detection.