Script woof_gui fix

01micko reported woof_gui script bug: any change in tab-0 (the first tab) corrupts file DISTRO_SPECS. Fixed.


Posted on 5 Nov 2012, 17:30


Posted on 6 Nov 2012, 13:06 by 01micko
Hi Barry

I see you stop the copying of alsaconf to the main build for raspberry pi builds. Can you do the same for builds that use kmod instead of module-init-tools?

Alsaconf does not work with kmod. Slackware and Debian unstable have deprecated module-init-tools in favour of kmod. One problem, modules.pcimap and mpdules.isapnpmap do not get generated and alsaconf depends on those or else just errors. alsaconf has not been maintained for a long time anyway.

I actually reported it on LQ in Slackware beta testing.. 2 days later Pat removed it. It's in the -current changelog. (now -14.0).

As for ISA cards, Slackware does ship a tool for them and I'm going to try and get it working in Slacko so that ISA sound cards (often the best IMO) can still work. I still have all the ISA stuff in my kernels.