Precise: epdfview PDF Viewer fix

The 'epdfview' PDF Viewer application in Precise Puppy displays colours incorrectly, as reported here, with example PDF file:

It displays reddish instead of blue. Our example builtin to Puppy also has the same problem:

I compiled the latest versions of edpfview and poppler, still same problem.

Forum member rcrsn51 proposed rolling back to older poppler, and used the files from Slacko:

I am experimenting with keeping the official poppler (and utilities) and only rolling back the specific poppler libs needed for the epdfview from Slacko (874KB):

My PET works for me, and prints ok. I was wondering if others could confirm this, that it works on their pristine Precise pup.

Note, my solution is a compromise. Rolling back poppler completely may break other Ubuntu DEBs that may rely on features/symbols in the later official Ubuntu poppler.

Posted on 7 Nov 2012, 20:38


Posted on 7 Nov 2012, 24:16 by rodin.s
It works.
Works here as well.

Posted on 8 Nov 2012, 11:43 by technosaurus
In the next release or so mupdf is set to surpass popler based pdf viewers by adding javascript support and many others. I have been using it for a while just because it renders nicely and uses 1/3 of the resources of epdfview, but until recently it was only keybindings shortcut interface. I started a gtkdialog frontend for it similar to vlc-gtk if.anyone is interested in an alternative.