Menu fix when install packages

Forum member 666philb, testing Precise, has reported that the menu category is not set correctly when some packages are installed. Their entries get created in the 'Utility' menu:

I think that I have found what has gone wrong. I have modified /usr/local/petget/, see Woof commit:

Precise testers are welcome to download this script and try it!

Posted on 9 Nov 2012, 8:47


Posted on 9 Nov 2012, 17:56 by 666philb
still not 100%
hi barry,

it's still not fully working. i tested my two examples again and openshot (from the ppm) did install to the multimedia section, whilst deadbeef (from a standalone .deb) didn't.

the deadbeef.desktop file was changed from


Posted on 9 Nov 2012, 18:20 by BarryK
Re Player
Are you sure that deadbeef is not in the Multimedia menu?

It should be, "Categories=Player" will cause it to be in the Multimedia menu.

Refer: /etc/xdg/menus/hierarchy, and /etc/xdg/menus/

Posted on 9 Nov 2012, 21:00 by 666philb
you're right

for some reason the menu didn't update ... deadbeef is now in the multimedia menu.

sorry for the panic