"text becomes squares" bug fixed

Some users of Precise Puppy have reported that after installing certain DEBs, text on the screen changes to square boxes, also some images will not display.

This Forum thread is one such report, and a solution is provided by Forum member zul:

I "kind of" understand why this solution works but unclear what specifically is causing it. Anyway, I have put zul's solution into the Service Pack.

This problem could also afflict other distros that have the "multiarch" directories, such as Slackware, Debian and Mageia. So, I have attempted a generic fix in Woof, in script '2createpackages'.

Woof commit:

Posted on 22 Nov 2012, 18:25


Posted on 22 Nov 2012, 21:20 by Sage
square boxes
Seen this many times on many distros when trying to load the wrong format into the wrong WP. Also occurs with webpages from Asia when the Asian scripts aren't loaded, even when there are HTML conflicts. Not the sort of thing one takes notes about - just correct the incompatibility, if possible, and continue. No idea whether that's relevant.

Posted on 23 Nov 2012, 8:30 by BarryK
"Fix" reverted
Aaaargh, no, that is not a fix! My thinking was incredibly fuzzy. I have reverted the above "fix" of 121122 in 2createpackages.

Woof commit:

Posted on 23 Nov 2012, 10:18 by BarryK
"Fix" take-2
Trying again. This might fix it.

Woof commit:

Posted on 25 Nov 2012, 6:47 by 01micko
ntfs bugfix
This problem occurs when saving to ntfs but for a totally different reason. It is one of those intermittent bugs. If you are connected to a local network you may never see it. However if disconnected you will always see it. Reported in old quirky and slacko. Didn't try precise but it's likely to be there.

What happens is that there is a conflict between busybox umount, cifs and ntfs where the ntfs partition gets unmounted before the save file is mounted. It took me hours to track and fix, with help from pemasu and rcrsn51.


For full details.

Posted on 25 Nov 2012, 7:41 by BarryK
unmounting ntfs
I think that I know what the problem is. 'umount' is a script, that I haven't looked at for a very long time, and it is a bit crappy.

Try this:

umount -a -t cifs,smbfs,nfs,sshfs #120220

umount-FULL -a -t cifs,smbfs,nfs,sshfs #120220 121125

Posted on 25 Nov 2012, 7:46 by BarryK
unmounting ntfs
Ah, reading further down that Forum thread, I see that rcrsn51 has applied the same fix, and there is confirmation it works.

OK, I'll make the change in Woof.

Posted on 25 Nov 2012, 8:09 by BarryK
rc.shutdown ntfs fix
OK, I have committed the fix in rc.shutdown:

Hmmm, I see that I haven't really worked on that 'umount' script since Puppy 423, except for one quick fix applied in January this year.
The script needs to be rewritten to more rigorously parse the commandline options.

Thanks for tracking this one down!

Posted on 25 Nov 2012, 8:14 by 01micko
re ntfs
Thanks for the prompt fix