Wary 5.3.92 beta2

Here is another beta of Wary 5.3.92. The purpose mostly is to upgrade to the latest Woof infrastructure.

Download from here:

...heh, heh, uploading to ibiblio.org is a challenge, as the 'distributions' hard drive is full!

I will build Racy 5.3.92 soon.

Regarding what I am aiming for, for the 5.4-final, I might upgrade a few apps such as mtPaint and Geany, apart from that just fix bugs.

The theme is the same as Wary 5.3:
GTK: FlatBlueContrast
Desk icons: LaGaBluenight
JWM: DeepBlueBold
Wallpaper: puppy_lights_blue2_dejan555.jpg

Posted on 3 Dec 2012, 8:27


Posted on 3 Dec 2012, 8:03 by BarryK
Wary Forum feedback
Forum feedback for bug reports etc:


Posted on 3 Dec 2012, 14:48 by Terryphi
Thanks. Glad to see you have upgraded Wary and are planning to upgrade Racy too to latest Woof.

Mirror at ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/ftp/pub/os/Linux/distr/quirky/test/ is working well.

Posted on 3 Dec 2012, 17:44 by BarryK
Wary: welcome1stboot
At the first startup, the 'welcome1stboot' window does not appear (you just get the "woof woof" audio). This bug was also in the beta1.

This happens because the application tries to load 'libgtk-x11-2.0.so', but this only exists when the 'devs' SFS is loaded.

I think that is fixed in the gtk template for other Woof builds, but Wary/Racy has an older PET without that symlink. I have put a fix into '3builddistro' in Woof.

Posted on 4 Dec 2012, 2:19 by don570
upgrade mhwaveedit
You could easily upgrade mhwaveedit to
version 1.4.21 (not version 1.4.22
which is buggy), then it would be
equivalent to Precise Puppy.

Make sure it accepts plugins. This
explained in the Murga forum

Posted on 4 Dec 2012, 2:56 by don570
get rid of gtkhash
You could save some space in the ISO
if you were to dump gtkhash
and use a right click check of md5sum instead.

I put together a crude package that did this HERE
and 01micko and shinobar worked on the problem HERE

Posted on 4 Dec 2012, 6:59 by don570
mixed reviews on Goclever
The initial reviews of Goclever R103 netbook

Several mention the cheap keyboard and
unresponsive resistive screen.

Posted on 4 Dec 2012, 7:34 by jrb
Test post
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Post from jrb:

I'm not at home right now or I would cite more specific examples but I thought I should mention this. A few months back I put together a smaller puppy package to run on some old hardware. I used Slacko533t with Seamonkey1.1.18. I found there were many webpages that did not render properly so I switched to your http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/pet_packages-quirky/seamonkey20_nomail-2.0.13-q1.pet, ( http://bkhome.org/blog/?viewDetailed=02198 ), which, after I spoofed the useragent, has worked perfectly.

Posted on 4 Dec 2012, 7:37 by noryb009
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Posted on 5 Dec 2012, 7:12 by rodin.s
Russian Langpack
Burry, I have updated [url=langpack_ru-20121202.pet]Russian langpack[/usl] for latest woof Puppies.

Posted on 5 Dec 2012, 7:15 by rodin.s
link for it
It's late here. I'm making mistakes.