ntfs-3g updated in initrd

01micko has compiled the latest ntfs-3g statically, as reported here:

Though, gcmartin has reported some issues.

I have updated the x86 binary image in the initrd in Woof:

Posted on 4 Jan 2013, 16:10


Posted on 6 Feb 2013, 22:45 by peebee
Copy errors
I am getting errors when copying files using rox drag and drop between windows. Occurs on both dpup-wheezy and slacko which are recent woof builds.

The error occurs after savefile creation. My test systems are pristine, manual, frugal installs on an ntfs formatted disk using ext2 savefiles.

Error is
Copying /mnt/home/zzz1/Worcester GBG 2014.xlsx as /mnt/home/zzz/Worcester GBG 2014.xlsx

cp: preserving permissions for `/mnt/home/zzz/Worcester GBG 2014.xlsx': Operation not supported
Failed to copy '/mnt/home/zzz1/Worcester GBG 2014.xlsx'

There were 16 errors.

Posted on 6 Feb 2013, 24:49 by ChiJoan
xlsx to xls
Perhaps you need to use a Web service to translate the files before moving with Puppy? Office 2007 is a bit new, or their online versions.

Joan in Reno

Posted on 7 Feb 2013, 2:41 by peebee
there is an ntfs-3g problem
Hi Joan in Reno

Please ignore the file types in my example - the problem is much more fundamental than that.

SFR has now confirmed the problem:

Posted on 7 Feb 2013, 20:25 by 01micko
ROX problem
This is not an ntfs-3g problem but a rox problem. If there is output from any copy or move rox spits the dummy, almost correctly. It reports that there are permission changes, which it should, but also reports a fail to copy/move, which is wrong as it does copy or move.

More here <-- http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=683218#683218

I could care less if you fix it or not. I've about had it with anything windows. That said, a few noobs might be alarmed to some point.