new2dir: grab .pot file

'new2dir' is a script that we use when installing after having compiled from source, usually:

# new2dir make install


I have modified the script so that it searches for a <projectname>.pot file in the source. If found, it is copied to the target directory, in location usr/share/doc/nls/<projectname>.

This is convenient, as a subsequent "dir2pet" will then have the .pot file in the PET, the main one, not the "_NLS" PET. MoManager will discover it and offer it for translation.

Seems like a good idea, anyway.

Woof commit:

Posted on 21 Jan 2013, 9:02


Posted on 21 Jan 2013, 20:03 by BarryK
Re .pot files
Note that '3builddistro' in Woof finds all .pot files in packages and moves them to usr/share/doc/nls, in the devx sfs.

Thus, they do not contribute to the size of Puppy.

Also, MoManager requires the devx sfs to be loaded.