pupX fixed

pupX (see Desktop menu) sets various X parameters, such as key-repeat-rate, mouse acceleration, and screen blanking.

Linuxcbon reported that pupX does not work, I tested it and responded that it does for me. Forum member MinHundHettePerro replied and suggested it might be a problem with non-English LANG:

I checked the script, and yes, 'dc' and perhaps 'xset' need "LANG=C" prefixed.

The 'pupx' script was originally written by me and internationalized by Nathan (long gone, he used to be one of our most prolific developers), using the "technosaurus method". I have converted it to the gettext method, so a note to our translators, be on the lookout for /usr/bin/pupx needing translation in the next Woof-built pup.

Well, it can be installed now if you want. The PET has been bumped to version 0.4 (3K):

Note, I have only tested it in English.

Posted on 9 Feb 2013, 19:28


Posted on 9 Feb 2013, 19:33 by BarryK
pupX fixed again
Ah, I have just seen a reply by npierce in that Forum thread. He has done a more rigorous fix for the decimal point versus comma problem.
We need to merge his improvements into my gettexted script.

Posted on 10 Feb 2013, 2:54 by don570
report-video gettext

Translators shouldn't forget report-video

I made a pet package and pot file
so users can install it in old puppy distros

or translate it for the language packages.

Available here