dhcpcd 5.6.4 dropwait

Rerwin and others have been experimenting with the "dropwait" patch for dhcpcd, for a more persistent WiFi connection. I am not sure of the history, but I think that Jemimah created this patch?

The latest patched source is 'dhcpcd-dropwait-5.6.4.tar.gz', found here:

I have compiled it for x86 in Wary, and also on my Mele for armv7 (58K, 57K):

Posted on 9 Feb 2013, 22:41


Posted on 10 Feb 2013, 8:33 by aarf
search "linux.conf.au" site:http://bkhome.org/ produces no match but currently freenode #linux.conf.au has 100 plus chatters and the conf is going to perth next year, do you have an opinion or any knowledge of these aussies BK?


Posted on 10 Feb 2013, 9:20 by BarryK
Re linux.conf
I probably won't be in Perth next year.

No, I never joined the Perth Linux User Group. Partly that was because I lived out in the sticks for about 12 years.