Racy Puppy 5.4.93 (5.5 Release Candidate 2)

Looking good!


The only known bug so far is the Pmusic one, see previous blog post.

Handling of nVidia graphics is still a bit messy. This has been a long-term problem, and I need to get my old PC with nVidia card out of the garage, so as to try and improve the situation. But, will have to target this for the next release after Racy/Wary 5.5-final.

Note: Racy 5.5RC2 is using the 3.0.66 kernel.

Posted on 1 Mar 2013, 18:42


Posted on 1 Mar 2013, 18:50 by BarryK
Racy 5.5RC2 Forum feedback
Forum feedback:


Posted on 1 Mar 2013, 18:50 by aarf
torrent Racy 5.5RC2
orrent Racy 5.5RC2 at http://puppylinux.info/topic/racy-5491-torrent#post-5607
maybe a smaller delta a little later

Posted on 2 Mar 2013, 2:42 by linuxcbon
folders by category
Is it possible to have the folders in ibiblo sorted by category ?
For example
Can have folders :
and inside WARY : wary-5.0/ wary-5.1/ etc
And what about http://distro.ibiblio.org/puppylinux/
And also, which puppy to be tested in priority ?

Posted on 2 Mar 2013, 7:43 by scsijon
ibiblio problems
the way ibiblio has been having problems over the last year and now again makes me wonder if it's time to move our puppylinux / quirky / ? "master sites" somewhere else, as a number of the other larger linux's have done over the last year and make it become just another mirror.

Posted on 2 Mar 2013, 9:34 by BarryK
gtklp in Racy
Gtklp, a printer manager, is in both Wary and Racy, however I just discovered that the PET package is missing a .desktop file, so there is no menu entry.

Fixed, and I did a quick check that it works in latest Racy.

Posted on 2 Mar 2013, 24:53 by don570
faster Racy download
faster Racy download