Jwm Theme Maker internationalised

Forum member trio wrote JWM Theme Maker:

I previously had it in the 'noarch' repo, but realised that it has a x86 binary executable in it, so have moved it to 'common'.

Recently, L18L has internationalised the script, so I have created a new PET, and bumped the version from 1.5 to 1.5.1 (5K):

Posted on 29 Mar 2013, 18:37


Posted on 30 Mar 2013, 5:46 by Iguleder
Trisquel64 Puppy
Barry, here's something nice I've been working on:

It's a 64-bit, Puppy-like distro built from Trisquel 6.0 packages using my infrastructure. It has JWM and ROX-Filer, plus its own package manager (sort of a fast, awk-based PPM) - in the screeny, you can see it in action with mtPaint (I just needed a quick way to take a screenshot :))

I also installed Firefox and GIMP using the package manager - all dependencies were installed automatically in seconds. Kinda nice - you can see Firefox shipped with Trisquel's defaults package, which is a dependency :)

Currently it has nothing but many console applications - I'm going to fix ROX-Filer (it has that gdk-pixbuf loaders disease), than start adding graphical applications one-by-one until I have an automatically built product.

Posted on 30 Mar 2013, 8:12 by BarryK
Re Trisquel Puppy
Do you have a download available yet?

Posted on 30 Mar 2013, 17:23 by Iguleder
Re Re Trisquel Puppy
Not yet, but I'm going to post a thread in the forums, I guess. I'll state this is the only thread for this project, to avoid those ... "problems" we had with several Puppy-related projects.

Currently, ROX-Filer fails to draw all sorts of icons and JWM does not have a proper configuration and a quick solution for menu generation. I'll upload this thing once I overcome these issues.

Posted on 32 Mar 2013, 5:33 by Iguleder
Trisquel64 Puppy Progress
Good news! The Trisquel64 Puppy project is on its way to beta quality.

On my netbook, it uses 47 MB of RAM without X, 66 MB with a plain desktop. In this screeny DeaDBeeF is running with 320 KBps OGG and GCC is building the browser, so I have an excuse why it consumes so much memory :D

The ISO (which has the devx integrated into the main SFS) is 211 MB, with kernel 3.2.42, Mesa, development tools, Python and tons of man pages for development. I even added the GNOME icon theme and Trisquel's great artwork (plus, a JWM theme I made), as you can see.

Posted on 12 Jun 2013, 2:55 by L 18 L
jwm for Arabic
Copied from my inbox and outbox

From: L18L
To: AbdelAziz
Posted: Today, at 15:32
Subject: Re: problem old jwm
AbdelAziz wrote:
i have a problem as you can see in picture the arabic text is cut, only half or so is visible in main menu

I think this is the same problem as described in BDX's thread
I have named it the "19 spaces" problem and Joe has made corrections in his "JWM Joes Window Manager".

Solution: install latest jwm.pet from

From: AbdelAziz
To: L18L
Posted: Today, at 16:18
Subject: Re: problem old jwm Quote message
Thank you
After jwm update to 755 it is working fine.

latest jwm should have some other advantages, too?

Posted on 12 Jun 2013, 17:44 by BarryK
Yes, I am trailing way behind. I have "update jwm" written in my to-do shortlist!