Fontconfig error message

In the Raring Puppy builds, we are getting a fontconfig error message when start any application.

The problem is in file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, in template 'xorg_base' in Woof.

Woof commit:

Posted on 2 Apr 2013, 8:10


Posted on 2 Apr 2013, 22:23 by pemasu
Upup Raring by using latest woof
Barry Kauler believed I might create Ubuntu Raring packages based, up-to-date woof built Puppy.

I have now woofed Upup Raring using up to date woof.

If you want to test those latest woof improvements: xft dpi 96, gtk3 theme partial support, PPM gui apps dropdown selection, and help finding possible bugs in them, here is link to the announcement:

Posted on 20 Apr 2013, 21:13 by K Godt
/etc/fonts/local.conf has two parts disabled aka commented (upnorth) .
Precise Puppies don't look nice if it comes to firefox . Have un-commented them and Firefox renders properly now. Look is cleaner . Found that 01micko has re-anabled them, too in Slacko-5.5 .

Posted on 20 Apr 2013, 21:43 by BarryK
re local.conf
OK, I have uncommented it.