MoManager: loop if po to mo fail

L18L suggested this, and provided the genesis of code how it could be done:

I have implemented this idea in script 'momanager'.

This is good, if a .po file has a syntax error, there is a loop so that the user can go back and edit it immediately.

Woof commit:

Posted on 2 May 2013, 18:26


Posted on 3 May 2013, 6:29 by don570
two byte characters

Will this help when there is incompatible characters
i.e. incompatible to utf-8 characters?

A warning message for inexperienced users about
characters needing to be in utf-8.

I got a message about 'two-byte' characters when I quit the editor and that helped me track down
a problem in my po file. --->
po file had been set up for ascii characters.


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