welcome1stboot for 96dpi

When Puppy moved from a default screen DPI (Dots Per Inch) of 78 to 96, many applications had to be adjusted so that their text did not display to large.

This problem also applies to the welcome1stboot application, the "Welcome, woof, woof" window that you get at first bootup.

I have now recompiled it for 96dpi, for x86 and ARM.

Woof commit:

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 10:24


Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 12:36 by 01micko
Woof bug !Important
Hi Barry

There are bugs with 3builddistro (I didn't update latest woof yet but I see no commits for 3builddistro in timeline) to do with DEVTMPFSFLG. It's just basic stuff like rootfscomplete/root/.packages/woof-installed-packages isn't there so greap errors out.

Here is my proposed alteration, note that the variables are quoted or they error too.


[ ! -f rootfs-complete/root/.packages/woof-installed-packages ] && cp -af ../woof-installed-packages rootfs-complete/root/.packages/
if [ "`grep 'CONFIG_DEVTMPFS.*=y' rootfs-complete/etc/modules/DOTconfig*`" != "" ];then
UDEV3=`grep -E '^udev[_-][0-9]' rootfs-complete/root/.packages/woof-installed-packages | cut -f 3 -d '|' | cut -c 1-3`
[ ! "$UDEV3" ] && UDEV3=200 #eudev
if [ "$UDEV3" -ge 176 ];then #175 is last version that creates device nodes.
#modify 'init' script in initrd...
sed -i -e 's%^DEVTMPFSFLG=.*%DEVTMPFSFLG=2%' initrd-tree/init
DEVTMPFSFLG=2 #see further down.

That seems to work as expected.


PS: I built k3.4.52 patched for f2fs, had to hack the patches but I am submitting them to the developer. He wasn't going to support 3.4xx but maybe he will now, since it is LTS. Posting from it now, enabled DEVTMPFS and DEVTMPFS_MOUNT, with my hack to 3builddistro and using udev-167 all seems happy.

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 13:10 by BarryK
Thanks, fixed.

Note, the variable should not be quoted. The fix is "head -n 1".

#130618 check udev version... 130710 01micko: fix...

#130612 if kernel has CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y (and CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y) then empty /dev...
if [ "`grep 'CONFIG_DEVTMPFS.*=y' rootfs-complete/etc/modules/DOTconfig*`" != "" ];then
UDEV3=`grep -E '^udev[_-][0-9]' ../woof-installed-packages | cut -f 3 -d '|' | cut -c 1-3 | head -n 1`
[ ! $UDEV3 ] && UDEV3=200 #eudev
if [ $UDEV3 -ge 176 ];then #175 is last version that creates device nodes.
#modify 'init' script in initrd...
sed -i -e 's%^DEVTMPFSFLG=.*%DEVTMPFSFLG=2%' initrd-tree/init
DEVTMPFSFLG=2 #see further down.

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 19:02 by 01micko
more on woof
Couple of things, pup_event related.

When you make new filesystems in a usb with gparted the desktop drive icons do not refresh. This is a recent introduction.

Also, not so recent, if you insert a blank CD/DVD into the drive there is no icon displayed for it on the desktop. That one appeared about the time you started supporting UDF, so has been there since about the beginning of this year.

As far as I know, these bugs affect all recent woofed pups.

Posted on 11 Jul 2013, 11:44 by 01micko
osmo 96dpi patch
Osmo looks HUGE! It's easy to patch. I'll offer this one, it could be tweaked even more. I've set the screen_x at 600px and reduced all deefault fonts by 1 to 2 px

Also fixed the version number (was showing 0.2.8, is 0.2.10)

Dang it's too big for post, gzipped here.

Posted on 13 Jul 2013, 20:22 by 01micko
re DEVTMPFSFLG: bug still there
Using udev167, kernel has CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y :: I still get DEVTMPFSFLG=2

Still get a grep error in 3builddistro, downloaded woof half an hour ago, it's pristine.

Posted on 13 Jul 2013, 24:24 by BarryK
I haven't done a Fossil "push" for awhile. Did it now. I don't recall whether the DEVTMPFSFLG fix was in the previous push or not.