Precise: Python moved to devx

Precise has the Python interpreter in the main .iso, and libpython in the devx. Earlier puppies had all of Python in the devx.

The "minimal python" that is in the main .iso weighs in at about 15MB uncompressed. Oh wow, I am not at all happy about that.

I moved it from the devx as some apps from the Ubuntu repo want it. On the other hand, libpython is wanted by 'gdb' which is in the devx.

Anyway, I have moved all of Python back to the devx.

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 11:28


Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 11:32 by BarryK
Apps that need Python
These apps in the main .iso want Python:


Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 12:15 by GCMartin
ARM processing
I think I see where you may be headed with your current announcements.

So I offer some NEWS: 64bit ARM processors will start showing up in systems and tablets at the end of 2013 and throughout 2014. This will accompany larger on-board RAM sizing.

Hope this helps and supports your direction(s).

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 12:55 by BarryK
Gnumeric without python
I have compiled Gnumeric in Precise pup without python bindings. Also without Gnome bindings.

PET (2.8M):

Note that gnumeric 1.12.x requires GTK3.

Note also, I am strongly leaning toward abandoning GTK3. For Precise at least, in the future I might introduce Qt5-based apps.
So Precise will have GTK2 and Qt5 apps.

At least a couple of reasons:

The Qt developers are much more "with it" regarding embedded and touch-interface. Most of the new projects, such as Ubuntu Touch are using Qt.

Also, Qt apps can inherit the current GTK2 theme. This is so good, means nothing to do when we migrate to using Qt apps.

So, I am on the lookout for good Qt5 apps...

I read recently that LXDE is being ported to Qt.

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 13:17 by Sage
LXDE & Xfce
LXDE is presently attracting much attention, but, in use, I find it far less intuitive, flexible and a bunch of other adjectives, than Xfce. The latter also makes transition from you-know-whatOS a lot more comfortable. There already exist a few Xfce Puppy projects and P-capable releases including Carolina, Lighthouse and Legacy from which to draw expertise. The speed and overall inventory of Xfce seem, at least subjectively, more favourable. Notwithstanding, Xfce-based Pups are a lot bigger, so these comments only relate to factors of LXDE & Xfce comparison. Where that leaves the relevance -if any - of LXDE & Xfce to Qt & GTK is not my department.

Hey ho, another fine hot day in prospect in Blighty - ideal for the Ashes retention battle.

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 15:01 by GCMartin
Reducing size to meet a future objective
Hi Barry. I think I may be looking over the horizon a bit, but shouldn't your new distro have JAVA? And has there been a little thought for how to reference or add JAVA to an apps inventory in the upcoming release(s).

Several members have contributed a list of apps which provide capability to any PUP with a Java Virtual Machine. Their offerings for understanding is here.

Posted on 10 Jul 2013, 17:55 by BarryK
Re Java
No, I don't want Java.

It is the basis of Android, but I don't think it is the way to go.

I have experience with Java a long time ago, in an embedded system.

Ubuntu Touch is a good example where they have taken the good stuff out of Android but left behind Java.

Posted on 11 Jul 2013, 8:03 by scsijon
qt apps
I built a qt4 apps puppy back with qtpy a few years ago before starting mage2 and have a lot of apps I built and tested from then. Some were good, some horific to use. They will need recompiling for qt5 though, so they are no good as is.
So I guess my question is, what packages do you want to replace and i'll see what I eventually used back then and offer some workable equivalents.

ps. just thinking (for once)before hitting 'the' button, there was quite a discussion in the qtpy thread on apps, maybe of use. Also a number of others run qt apps on various builds, maybe worth a new topic on murga-linux to gain a variation of sugestions.

Posted on 12 Jul 2013, 3:08 by scottman
+1 for xfce4 and a hacked-to-be-lighter-than-usual qt.. i compiled xfce4, nearly everything included, almost nothing was already included, and it adds only around 4.5mb to the iso! :)

Posted on 12 Jul 2013, 3:10 by scottman
also, barry, i noted you requested comment deletion in pplog, this should be available, it is in the pplog version i used... btw, you might like sjpplog, you can link straight to comments, has an upload page, admin page, utf, other fixes...